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Education is light and it changes everything - It trains, empowers, provides voice and choice and makes everything possible.  The net profit from your purchase directly supports the education of a disadvantaged student, like Kali.  Read the story below.  

Kali Story 

Born in a tribal household in Alirajpur, India, Kali contracted polio as a child.  Born a girl, poor and now disabled, she had three strikes against her in that community before she was 12, and her future would have been bleak.  But she attended Barli Institute for Development of Rural Women in Indore, India, one of the projects that Mona Foundation support. 

Now she reads and writes, owns her own sewing shop, earns enough to support herself, pays for the education of all the children in her family, and has bought an fitted a scooter so that she can get around easy.  At her own initiative, she has also started a self-help group to teach 12 other women how to start their own businesses.

It took $1/Day to educate Kali, and now 100 people are benefiting from this investment.  




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